Welcome to Animal Days

A unique interactive experience for all ages. Come pet, hold, or feed baby and full grown animals, take part in hands-on demonstrations, and enjoy fun farm adventures.

Unlimited Fun

Experience a day packed with exciting activities for all ages.

Family Memories

Capture moments that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Interactive Experience

Learn about farm life in a fun, interactive environment.


Step Into The World Of Farm Animals & Farm Life

Imagine a day where you can pet and feed animals, learn about their care, and take part in activities that bring the essence of the farm right to your fingertips. Animal Days is a place where giggles fill the air and every moment is an opportunity to create fun memories.

From funny farm animals to activities and demonstrations where all ages can participate, you’ll be immersed in an outside experience that starts the moment you step foot on the farm.

And with a unique backdrop for family photos, you will laugh and reminisce from the joy Animal Days brings, all year round.



Hold & Pet So Many Animals

At Animal Days, we believe in creating connections between our visitors and the wonderful animals that call the farm home. From cuddly bunnies and baby goats, to majestic horses, each animal has a story.

Come pet, hold, or feed baby and adult animals as you dive into a world where every encounter is a chance to learn and love.


Baby Goats






Draft Horses





Lambs & Sheep









And More!

*animals may vary on the day of the event due to their schedule and personality.


Every Moment Is An Adventure

With a range of activities designed to excite, educate, and entertain, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether it's a tractor or wagon ride, ziplining over the farm, or taking part in a hands-on workshop, there’s an adventure that awaits at every turn.

With our commitment to bringing fresh and new activities every year, each visit is full of new and unforgettable family fun.

Included With Admission: 

Jump Pad

Tractor Display

Look or climb in the driver's seat


Giant Slides

Catch Fish In A Pond

Using your bare hands

Additional Charge At The Door:

Swing Rides

Face Painting

Tractor Rides

Mechanical Bull

Draft Horse Wagon Rides

*activities may vary upon location.


Experience The Heart Of Farming

From sheep shearing to dog herding, our live demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and exhibits offer a glimpse into the diverse world of farming and how animals are at the heart of everything we do. Engage with local farmers and agricultural experts who bring their passion and knowledge to our event.

Come discover what local experts and exhibitions are part of this year's events.

Included Each Year:

Dog Herding Show

Watch as border collies herd sheep & geese. Every hour on the hour (i.e. 12pm, 1pm, etc.)

Sheep Shearing Show

Every hour on the half hour (i.e. 12:30pm, 1:30pm, etc.)

Wool Spinning Demonstration*

The MAC Trailer

Learn about agriculture with fun ag-tivities, including milking a [fake] cow

Bird Auction**

Agricultural Exhibits

Vendors & Other Events (varies year to year):

Beekeeping & Local Honey

Learn and interact with a beekeeper and his honey bees

Wool to Yarn Spinning

Goats Milk Handmade Soap

Animals For Sale

And So Much More

*Burley location only.
**Nampa location only


Farm Eats & Sweet Treats

Whether you're craving something savory or sweet, our food selections promise to enhance your day at the farm with tasty treats.

Experience the unique charm of the Whims Food Shack at our Burley location, offering a cozy indoor barn setting for you to relax and recharge. At our other venues, explore a variety of flavors with food trucks serving up a delicious assortment of eats.




Cotton Candy

Ice Cream

And More!


Plan Your Trip

Don’t miss out on the fun! Secure your tickets early and enjoy a discount.

It’s an all-day access pass to an unforgettable farm experience.

Burley, ID

Located at the Burley Straw Maze.

Nampa, ID

Located at Shindig Farms.

Eastern, ID

Visit us this year in Burley or Nampa.

“100% worth a season pass!! This place is so amazing. Fun for all ages. Spring with baby animals, Fall with a pumpkin patch and maze! Christmas is beautiful. Seriously, my family and I cannot get enough… You will not be disappointed.”

Amber R

“This farm was so fun! Lots of activities for the whole family. All different animals to learn about and love one! This event was definitely worth it!! I already can’t wait to go back!! Thank you to Spencer and everyone else who put it on and made it a great weekend!!”


“Amazing day with the grandson and the animals.”

Shonay S

“Great place to take your family and friends, really fair priced and lots to do to keep your little ones busy for hours.”

Rick H

“We really enjoyed our experience here. Came to visit family from Oregon and was excited to hear about “Animal Days” happening during our stay. worth the money to take around my 18 month old to see all the many different animals. And to be able to feed many of them was neat too with the $1 bags of feed. I’ve been to many petting zoos, etc… but this one made a lasting impression on my mom and I. Wish we lived closer so we could experience the pumpkin patch!”

Shaumbra P

“Loved it. You can spend hours there just letting the kids play on all the free things. So much fun today.”

Janel M

“Such a fun experience! My boys loved the free Zipline, and the swing ride was absolutely worth the extra cost.”

Rachel G


From Our Family To Yours

Born as a simple straw maze, our three generational family farm has grown into a cherished destination where families can explore and immerse themselves in the wonders of farm life.

Animal Days promises discovery, connection, and the simple pleasures of life on the farm – it’s laughter of children making furry friends, shared excitement of families exploring, and our dedication behind sustainable farming.

Our mission is to create a space where fun and learning go hand in hand. 

Step into the daily rhythms of farm life and come away with not only moments of joy, but a meaningful understanding of farming’s impact on our world.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that bridges the gap between farm and table, heart and soil – from our family to yours, for over 15 years.

Animal Days llama next to teenage girl during spring family fun
Two boys holding a large snake together during Animal Days family fun in the the spring
Girl smiles and giggles holding a baby duck during Animals Days outdoor spring activities for all ages


Get Involved

Are you a local agriculturally based business, artisan, vendor, or hobbyist?

We love promoting local and connecting our visitors with quality products and services in the area. From animals (farm and exotic) to products and services (eggs, milk, cheese, lotions, soaps, honey, fibers, horse shoeing, animal care, lessons, classes/training, etc.).

If you have something you’d like to offer at Animal Days, we’d love to hear from you. It’s never too late to jump into this year’s event and profits are yours to keep!